The Amorphous Zeolite Synthetic vs. Nature in Nanoparticles as Cellulose

Авторы: Yuwono S.D., Mulyono, Sudibyo S., Nurjaman F., Prasetyo E., Haryono T., Susanti D., Ardhyananta H., Kurniawan B., Handoko D., Suseno T., Mursito A.T., Syahidah D., Hastilestari B.R., Baiti R.N., Sipahutar W.S., Bahfie F. Опубликовано: 11.03.2024
Опубликовано в выпуске: #1(112)/2024  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2024-1-133-147

Раздел: Химия | Рубрика: Органическая химия  
Ключевые слова: natural zeolite, synthetic zeolite, synthesis, application, amorphous, nanoparticles


The various aspects of zeolites, including their physical and chemical properties, applications, types, purification methods, and recent research in both synthetic and natural zeolites. The discussion also focused on the mechanisms involved in synthesizing nano-sized zeolites and the impact of particle size on their properties. The discussion highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of both natural and synthetic zeolites, with a particular emphasis on the importance of particle size in determining their properties. Recent developments in the field of nano-zeolites and green synthesis methods were also explored, underscoring the potential for more sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to zeolite production. Additionally, the conversation touched upon green synthesis methods for producing nano-zeolites and their advantages. The overall conclusion is that zeolites have significant potential in many fields such as pointing to a promising future for this versatile class of materials and ongoing research in nano-zeolites and green synthesis methods will continue to expand their applications

The authors would like to acknowledge the Deputi Bidang Fasilitasi Riset dan Inovasi-Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional Indonesia (RIIM G3) with contract number 12/II.7/HK/2023 for providing funds. The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the Research Center of Mining Technology-National Research and Innovation Agency of Indonesia and University of Lampung for the research facilities

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Yuwono S.D., Mulyono, Sudibyo S., et al. The amorphous zeolite synthetic vs. nature in nanoparticles as cellulose. Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Series Natural Sciences, 2024, no. 1 (112), pp. 133--147. EDN: HRLLKC


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