On the relation of chemical structure and thermal properties of polyimides

Authors: Romanko O.I., Shapoval V.N. Published: 04.04.2016
Published in issue: #2(65)/2016  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2016-2-103-113

Category: Chemistry | Chapter: High-Molecular Compounds  
Keywords: thermal analysis, thermogravimetry analysis, thermomechanical analysis, phase transition, relaxation processes, polyimide, polymers

The research explored the structural transformation in polyimides in a wide temperature range. To investigate the phase and relaxation transformations, we employed a combination of physical and chemical methods - thermal, thermogravimetry and thermomechanical analysis. We examined the possibilities of transformation in polyimides of different kinds and its manifestation depending on the structure of polymers (films and fibers). Moreover, we detected simultaneous behaviour of relaxation processes and phase rebuilding of the polymers. Based on the obtained experimental data, we calculated the thermal effects of the processes before imidization and examined their connection with temperatures of additional processing in a wide temperature range.


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