Solution to the mixed boundary-value problem for Laplace equation in multidimentional infinite layer

Authors: Algazin O.D., Kopaev A.V. Published: 08.02.2015
Published in issue: #1(58)/2015  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2015-1-3-13

Category: Mathematics and Mechanics  
Keywords: harmonic functions, Fourier transform, tempered distributions, filtration theory

The paper considers the solution to the mixed boundary-value problem of finding a harmonic function of n variables for the domain confined by two parallel hyperplanes. This function was determined by its values on a hyper-plane and its normal derivative on another hyper-plane. The obtained solution is presented as a sum of two integrals which kernels are expressed only in terms of elementary functions in the case of the even-dimension space. In contrast to the odd-dimension space they are also expressed through the Bessel functions. If the given boundary values are tempered distributions, then the solution is written as a convolution of the kernels with these functions. The opportunity of practical application of the obtained formulas is illustrated by the example of forming up a filtration flow under the spot dam with a aquiclude.


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