Effective Coefficients of Thermal Conductivity of a Composite with Ellipsoidal Inclusions

Authors: Zarubin V.S., Kuvyrkin G.N. Published: 08.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(46)/2012  

Category: Applied Mathematics and Methods of Mathematical Simulation  
Keywords: composite, effective coefficient of thermal conductivity, nanostructural elements

A mathematical model of heat transfer in a composite with inclusions of ellipsoidal shape, which have the identical orientation ofprimary axes ofellipsoids, is developed. The estimates of effective coefficients of composite's thermal conductivity are obtained; among them are those derived by using the dual formulation of variational problem of stationary heat conduction, which can be utilizedfor prediction of effective coefficients of thermal conductivity of the composite modified by nanostructural elements including nanotubes.