Determination of Place and Parameters of Collision of Solid Body with Cylindrical Shell

Authors: Dubinin V.V. Published: 14.03.2014
Published in issue: #3(22)/2006  

Category: Mechanics  

A safety aspect is considered for constructions of atomic station pipelines - detection of unfixed and weakly fixed elements. A problem is set: to find the motion equation for an arbitrary point of a thin cylindrical shell after its collision with a solid body. Local deformations of the shell material are assumed elastic or elastic-plastic. An analytical solution to the problem is given in a form of the double series of eigenfunctions for the shell oscillations. It is compared to experimental data. The experimental data are used as a database for solving the inverse problem that consists in the determination of the place and parameters of the collision with the help of signals registered from sensors installed in the certain locations on the shell. The problem is solved with the assumption that velocities of the oscillation propagation in the shell material are constant.