Photon-boson conversion in ferroelectrics and amino acids

Authors: Gorelik V.S. Published: 04.09.2015
Published in issue: #4(61)/2015  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2015-4-23-36

Category: Physics | Chapter: Condensed Matter Physics  
Keywords: photon, stimulated scattering, laser, boson, axion, spectrum, ferroelectric, amino acid, conversion, pseudoscalar, rest energy

The article presents the experimental results of stimulated Raman scattering on longitudinal and transversal modes in LiNbO3 single crystals. The properties of scalar and pseudoscalar vacuum bosons, characterized by extremely low rest energy, which is about 10-3 ... 10-6 eV are analyzed. The characteristics of scalar and pseudoscalar bosons in ferroelectrics, amino acids are given. The conditions of photon-pseudoscalar boson conversion are established. Specific experimental schemes for observing photon-axion conversion in ferroelectrics and amino acids are proposed.


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