Raman Scattering of a Dried DNA Exposed to Laser Excitation

Authors: Gorelik V.S., Dovbeshko G.I., Krylov A.S., Pyatyshev A.Yu.  Published: 14.02.2014
Published in issue: #1(52)/2014  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: Raman scattering, DNA, nucleinic bases, laser, spectrum, oscillations

For the first time a full Raman scattering spectrum of the dried DNA exposed to laser excitation within a wide frequency range of 6-4000 cm-1 at a high spatial (≈10 μm) and spectral (≈1 cm-1) resolution is recorded and investigated. New combinational satellites corresponding to oscillations of DNA nucleotides are detected. It is found that the 25 cm-1 peak corresponding to oscillations of nucleinic bases is observed in the low-frequency region. An intensity of this combinational satellite exceeds more than by an order of magnitude the intensity of lines relating to intramolecular vibrations. An intensive maximum is determined in the high-frequency region (≈3000 cm-1) corresponding to the CH-group oscillations. The combinational satellites are ascribed to internal oscillations of nucleinic bases. The obtained data on the form of Raman scattering spectra of the DNA molecule may be used for identification of different DNA types and for analysis of genetic information associated with the molecular structure of this molecule.


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