The Baikal Experiment Regarding the Observations of Leading Nonlocal Correlations of Large-Scale Processes

Authors: Korotaev S.M., Budnev N.M., Serdyuk V.O., Gorokhov Yu.V., Kiktenko E.O., Panfilov A.I. Published: 14.02.2014
Published in issue: #1(52)/2014  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: quantum causality, macroscopic entanglement, nonlocal correlations, time, forecast

The macroscopic quantum entanglement is the manifestation of nonlocality, the consistent theory of which has been undeveloped yet. The heuristic consideration of the problem leads to the conclusion that the leading nonlocal correlations are present in dissipative random processes, which have been really observed in the previous experiments. In 2012, a new experiment began at the Baikal Deep-Water Neutrino Observatory. Two nonlocal-correlation detectors, measuring spontaneous variations of potential difference of weakly polarized electrode pairs, were installed at depths of 52 and 1216 m; there can be no classical correlations between them. The data processing has revealed a correlation between the signals of the bottom and top detectors and the 4200 km distant laboratory-detector located in Troitsk. The detectors respond nonlocally to the external (heliogeophysical) processes; the signal correlation, determined by the causal analysis is directed downwards: from the detector on the earth’s surface to the detector near the Baikal floor. However this correlation obeys the weak causality principle: the bottom detector responds earlier than the top one, and the top detector reacts earlier than the surface one. The leading correlation of the detector signal with the solar and hydrodynamic activity is found; the possibility of forecasting them is demonstrated.


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