Correction of Mathematical Notation of Equations on Electromagnetism and Development of New System of Electromagnetic Units on this Basis

Authors: Trunov G.M. Published: 17.03.2014
Published in issue: #2(21)/2006  

Category: Physics  

It is offered to implement the correction of the mathematical notation of equations on electromagnetism and to develop on this basis a new four-dimensional theoretical system of electromagnetic units (in abbreviated form: CT) which is recommended for using in delivering physical curriculum "Electromagnetism". Equations of electromagnetism stated in the suggested system of units do not include the dimensional constants ε0 and μ0, instead of which the coefficient k0 = 9 • 109 N•m2/Kl2 and the fundamental constant с = 3 • 108 m/s (light velocity in vacuum) are used.