Photocondensation of Water Vapor in the Presence of Some Atmospheric Impurity

Authors: Perminov A.P., Drozdov M.S., Svetlichnyi S.I., Morozov A.N. Published: 23.05.2014
Published in issue: #3(54)/2014  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: gas-steam systems, condensation of water vapors, water clusters, atmospheric impurity, photodissociation, Wilson cloud chamber, ArF-laser, radical-induced nudeation, atmosphere self-cleaning

By means of Wilson cloud chamber, the substantial catalytic (accelerating) influence of products of photodissociation of atmospheric impurity upon condensation of oversaturated water vapor is shown. The following substances are investigated: CF2Cl2, CCl4, H2S and NH3. Irradiation was made by the excimer ArF-laser (193 nm). At irradiation, the condensation of water vapor occurs at much lower extents of supersaturation than in the absence of radiation. Thus, the influence of free radicals and atoms on condensation of water vapor obviously takes place. The interpretation of observed results at existence and lack of irradiation is given; the influence of initial pressure of water vapor on condensation process is also experimentally shown and explained.


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