To Theory of Selectively Radiating Strong Non-equilibrium Discharges

Authors: Gradov V.M., Lomovskoy I.V. Published: 29.07.2014
Published in issue: #4(15)/2004  

Category: Physics  

In the framework of a multi-liquid hydrodynamics approach a computing model is proposed of non- equilibrium spatially non-uniform plasma of discharges in metal vapors mixed with an inert gas where the temperature of light and heavy particles differs substantially. All distribution functions of particles with respect to energies and states are considered to be non-equilibrium ones and are calculated during problem solving. Besides the collision processes in the population kinetics of plasma generating components, the radiation excitation by means of resonant lines broadened by various mechanisms is taken into account. A good agreement (within 5-15%) is obtained between theory and experiments data on basic emitting and electrophysical characteristics of discharges in mercury vapors with an argon buffer.