Conversional Light Reflectance from the Surface of Globular Photonic Crystals

Authors: Voshchinsky E.A., Gorelik V.S. Published: 08.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(46)/2012  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: photonic crystals, opal, conversion, luminescence, scattering, spectrum, light-emitting diode, laser, reflection

The results of studies of laws of electromagnetic-radiation reflection from the surface of the globular photonic crystals are presented. Theoretical analysis was performed for the one-dimensional model of photonic crystal taking into account the presence of dielectric permeability resonances. Experimental studies were conducted using the fiber-optical technique. The regularities of conversional light reflection observed for photonic crystals that contain luminescing centers are established. The spectrum of conversional reflection excited by the quasi-monochromatic radiation is similar to the spectrum of selective reflection caused by the stop-band presence.