On Increasing the Coefficient of Quality and the Efficiency of Recycling of Superfluous Neutrons in MBIR Reactor

Authors: Volkov V.Yu., Okunev V.S. Published: 08.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(46)/2012  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: coefficient of quality, vibrated МОХ-U-fuel, technetium-99 and carbon-14 transmutation

The possibility to increase of coefficient of quality of the MBIR reactor project at the expense of changeover to the vibrated МОХ-U-fuel on the basis of weapon-grade plutonium and fuel assemblies without fuel claddings is considered. It is offered to use the neutrons, leaving the reactor core, for transmutation of technetium-99 and carbon-14 in a side reflector of the reactor.