Construction of the Deterministic Analogs for Optimal Designing of Nuclear Reactor Units under Conditions of Uncertainty of Scenarios of Emergency Development

Authors: Okunev V.S. Published: 08.09.2013
Published in issue: #3(46)/2012  

Category: Physics  
Keywords: optimization, deterministic analogs, uncertainties of the initial information, anticipated transient without scram

The method of construction of deterministic analogs for solving problems of optimal designing of nuclear power units under conditions of uncertainty of scenarios of emergency development is offered. This method is based on the preliminary analysis of temporal dependence of the functionals characterizing emergency operation and the analysis of aggravation and neutralization of emergency conditions (with their superposition). In comparison to usage of uniformly distributed sequences for choosing points of area of the initial data uncertainty, in which the deterministic analogs should be formed, the offered method possesses the higher efficiency and accuracy.