Calculation of radiative parameters for alkali-dimer cations of lithium, sodium and potassium

Authors: Smirnov A.D. Published: 04.09.2015
Published in issue: #4(61)/2015  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2015-4-45-56

Category: Physics | Chapter: Plasma Physics  
Keywords: potential energy curve, radial wave equation, Einstein coefficients, oscillator strengths, radiative lifetime of the excited state, Franck-Condon factors

The author calculates radiative parameters (Einstein coefficients of spontaneous radiation, oscillator strengths for absorption, Frank-Condon factors, wave numbers of electronic-vibrational bandwidths in electronic transition (1)2Пu - X2Σ+g) of molecular ions Li+2 (0 ≤ v’ ≤ 25, 0 ≤ v’’ ≤ 64), Na+2 (0 ≤ v’ ≤ 25, 0 ≤ v’’ ≤ 74), K+2 (0 ≤ v’ ≤ 25, 0 ≤ v’’ ≤ 88) and radiative lifetimes of the excited electronic states. The calculaitons are performed on the basis of the potential energy curves presented in this paper. Necessary vibrational energies and respective wave functions were obtained in order to calculate the radiative parameters. It became possible due to finding a numerical solution of the radial wave equation. The radiative parameters and lifetimes are calculated for the first time ever.


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