Influence of Low-Frequency Vibrations on Methylene Blue Reduction Process

Authors: Morozov A.N., Fadeev G.N., Bogatov N.A., Boldyrev V.S., Zadorozhny N.A., Timchenko S.L. Published: 23.02.2022
Published in issue: #1(100)/2022  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2022-1-141-156

Category: Chemistry | Chapter: Physical Chemistry  
Keywords: methylene blue, low-frequency harmonic vibrations, sonochemical process, absorption spectrometry, EPR spectrometry


Methylene blue is known for a wide spectrum of biochemical activity: being reversibly oxidized and reduced, it acts as a hydrogen carrier and can be considered as a model of the active group of the enzyme dehydrase. When harmonic vibrations with a frequency of 7--30 Hz are introduced into an aqueous solution containing methylene blue and ascorbic acid, the kinetics of redox transformations changes: the kinetic dependences of the influence of the acoustic vibrations differ from the data obtained in the absence of low-frequency influences. Under certain conditions, effects such as acceleration and inhibition of the sonochemical process are observed. The paper studies the reaction of hydrogen transfer in the field of low-frequency oscillations. The purpose of the study was to elucidate the role of factors accompanying the effect: we determined the influence of oxygen, the emerging radical forms of methylene blue, and ascorbic acid. By absorption spectroscopy and EPR spectrometry, we specified the parameters of the compounds formed at the intermediate stages of the methylene blue reduction process. Relying on experimental data, we introduce a method for countering the COVID-19 virus using methylene blue

The study was funded by RFBR (project no. 20-33-90152)

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Morozov A.N., Fadeev G.N., Bogatov N.A., et al. Influence of low-frequency vibrations on methylene blue reduction process. Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Series Natural Sciences, 2022, no. 1 (100), pp. 141--156 (in Russ.). DOI: https://doi.org/10.18698/1812-3368-2022-1-141-156


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