Application of Videosystems for Problem-Oriented Laboratory Work

Authors: Kalachev N.V. , Krivchenkov A.A., Mishnev B.F., Muravyov A.A., Muravyova A.E. Published: 14.10.2013
Published in issue: #1(36)/2010  

Category: Engineering Pedagogical & Linguistics  
Keywords: content management system (CMS), Moodle, videoconference

An experience of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Riga, Latvia) in application of content management systems using Moodle in combination with the conference communication system Tandberg Edge 95 is considered. An experience of arranging the videoconference communication in the structure of training is analyzed. Problems and prospects of the structure of training, training technologies, and a role oftechnology in the structure of training are discussed. The authors' views are set forth on the following: how new communication technologies delete a difference between the traditional training and the remote one and how their existing great potential may be used for both styles of training. Possibilities of applying videosystems for problem-oriented physical laboratory exercises are discussed.