Finite-Element Modeling of the Orthodontic Teeth Movement

Authors: Arntyunov S.D., Gavryushin S.S., Demishkevich E.B. Published: 23.05.2014
Published in issue: #3(54)/2014  

Category: Applied Mathematics and Methods of Mathematical Simulation  
Keywords: orthodontic tooth movement, finite-element method, center of resistance

The objective of this study is modeling of the initial orthodontic tooth movement under the influence of orthodontic loading. Comprehension of biomechanical principles is important to control the teeth movement under the medical treatment. By means of contemporary computer systems, it is possible to simulate medical process of orthodontic tooth movement for improvement of treatment efficiency and decreasing risks of complications. Applicability of "the concept of the center of resistance" was estimated. More accurate method to describe the biomechanical process of initial movements of teeth has been suggested. Method of obtaining personalized dentition models based on computer tomography image data has been described.


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