Brownian Motion as an Irreversible Non-Markovian Process

Authors: Morozov A.N. Published: 16.04.2019
Published in issue: #2(83)/2019  
DOI: 10.18698/1812-3368-2019-2-94-103

Category: Physics | Chapter: Theoretical Physics  
Keywords: non-Markovian process, Brownian motion, non-equilibrium state, entropy generation, flicker noise

The paper presents a method of describing Brownian motion in a non-equilibrium medium for the case of irreversible processes. We computed spectral density of velocity fluctuations for a Brownian particle in a non-equilibrium medium and determined that in the low-frequency region it is represented by flicker noise. We employed the method we developed to describe Brownian motion in a non-equilibrium medium to compute fluctuations of current in a small volume of an electrolyte. We derived estimations of the Hooge parameter magnitude and the randomisation time constant for ions in an electrolyte, which match the estimations obtained via experiments


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