Influence of the Mutual Arrangement of Spherical Inclusions on the Thermal Conductivity of the Composite

Authors: Zarubin V.S., Kuvyrkin G.N., Savelyeva I.Yu. Published: 04.10.2014
Published in issue: #5(56)/2014  

Category: Applied Mathematics and Methods of Mathematical Simulation  
Keywords: composite with spherical inclusions, matrix structure, representative structure element

Composites with spherical inclusions are widely used as constructional and functional materials. Effective thermal conductivity coefficient of this composite depends on location and volume concentration of inclusions. The calculated dependencies which allowed to determine bilateral estimates of the effective thermal conductivity coefficient of matrix structure composite with spherical inclusions are obtained. These dependences take into account the influence of mutual arrangement of inclusions. Options of such locations corresponding repeating cells of simple cubic, body-centered and facet-centered crystal lattices are considered. It was determined by means of calculation that the difference of bilateral estimates is the lowest for the first option of the above. The comparison of these estimates with bilateral estimates defined from the theory of mixes and variation approach and also with the assessment obtained by a method of self-consistency is carried out. Submitted dependencies can be used for prediction of the effective thermal conductivity coefficient of the matrix structure composite.


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