Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Light Emitting Diode with Periodically-Structured Contact

Authors: Barabanenkov M.Yu., Kovalchuk A.V., Polushkin Ye.A., Sirotkin V.V., Kholopova Yu.V., Shapoval S.Yu. Published: 24.02.2014
Published in issue: #2(33)/2009  

Category: Physics  

Results of measurements of electrical and optical characteristics for InGaN/AlGaN/GaN/Al2O3 LED with the periodically-structured p-contact are given. It is shown that using such contact increases the LED efficiency at least by 8%, allows one to obtain the plane front and change the critical angle value for outputted emission at the expense of the voltage applied to the electrode-grid. It is shown that using the diffraction lattice as p-contact changes the volt-farad characteristic and substantially decreases the high-frequency capacity.